Public Sex – Jury Room Sex Part One

Public Sex – Working as a court clerk for a small, one story courthouse with one and only 3 courtrooms. This all happened before security was beefed up to the extent it is now. Employees were allowed to use a separate back entrance into the building.  In my twenties, 5 foot 8 inches, 135 pounds, long, blonde, wavy hair, green eyes, long legs.  I loved pushing our unofficial dress code to the limit.  Seemed like I was getting pulled into the administrator’s office every week.  Always getting a talking to about my low cut tops and short skirts.  It was suggested that I dress differently.  But they really couldn’t force the issue since there wasn’t anything in writing that I was breaking any rules.
Living close to the edge has always been the way I do things.
I knew I was attractive and I liked the way that the people that came to court would look at me.  The public, the police officers, lawyers, prosecutors, even by judges.  It made me feel beautiful, desired, powerful even.  You may say I was a tease, but not really. I dated some of them, the professionals that I worked with on a regular basis.  It was super steamy sitting in court with them and passing notes like teenagers in high school.  Sneaking around, knowing that we’ve been together.
I swear I was aroused every day and with all of this sexually charged situations that I was working in.  It was actually exciting to go into my office even to the point of volunteering to work overtime. None of these relationships were exclusive,  including any that I had with guys outside the office.  You could say that I was a force to be reckoned with, untamed, free, adventurous, wild, experimental.
I’ve always been an exhibitionist and loved the chance of being caught in the act in public, in private, wherever.
One afternoon a personal call was transferred to me.  I picked up and heard the familiar, smooth, velvety voice of my lover that worked in construction.  Just the sound of him gave me goosebumps and sent shock waves down between my legs every single time.  Listening to him I could picture him in my mind.  Strong, muscular, tan, dark brown hair, emerald green eyes, large magical hands.  He melted me every time.  He tells me that he’s off work early and is sitting in the parking lot.  Wanting me to take a break and asking me to come out for a few minutes.
I look up at the clock thinking there’s no way.  But then a naughty, tempting, daring idea comes to my racing mind.
I do a quick check around me to make sure my colleagues weren’t within hearing distance.  In a low voice,  I told him to meet me by the back employee entrance door.  Hands shaking, heart pounding, head spinning, I get up from my desk.  Trying to appear casual, I walk through the office to the back area of the courthouse.  I practically run down the vacant hallway in my 4-inch heels to the door where he’s standing. Anticipation.  I SO FUCKING LOVE PUBLIC SEX!
And we might get caught.

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