Public Sex – Halloween Party – Part One

Public Sex – Halloween Party – I had been to a lot of spooky gatherings and was looking forward to spending the night with friends. It was a full moon that night but cloudy so the light came and went. I finally got off of work and gathered my costume to drive to my friend’s house. He threw a fun bash every year in his downstairs basement bar called the Cattledog. As always Greg had the outside decorated perfectly. I walked in and everything was eerily quiet but I went upstairs to the bathroom to change out of my Hooters uniform and into my Miss Universe costume. It had won me awards in the past so I decided to go with what usually works. Long, black, sequined evening gown, a sparkling tiara, sash, and 4-inch stiletto open-toed shoes. I headed downstairs to the Cattledog to meet my friends.

It struck me as strange that it was so dark and quiet with no music playing.

I felt my way to the back door wondering if they took the party outside to the hot-tub area and couldn’t see anyone. Blushing a little, I recalled all the public sex that has happened out there in the past.  I called out for my friends. Complete silence. I can barely see my hand in front of my face as I feel my way to the couch and sit down grabbing my phone to call them.  Did they move things and not tell me?

Suddenly I felt a presence in front of me and felt a gloved hand touch my face.

And hear a deep yet somewhat familiar voice saying “Welcome to the Jungle.  So glad you are here.” Part of me was thinking “Get the hell out right now!” But I felt this strange sense of calm as he caressed my cheek.  He whispered in my ear “Don’t be afraid, my sweet.” I could feel his breath and hear his gentle voice and couldn’t help but close my eyes and lean back into the couch feeling my nipples harden under my evening gown giving into the moment and thinking of nothing else.

I hear myself moan slightly as he tells me in his throaty, quiet voice

“You are free to leave if you wish.” I lick my dry lips and shake my head “no” unable to speak but manage to utter in a voice that didn’t sound like my own “Who are you?” He gave a little laugh and said: “Honey, you already know who I am if you think about it.” I nodded as my memory searched itself trying to put my finger on his familiarity and his scent. I could smell his aftershave or cologne put still couldn’t place it. In the corner of the room a ghost decoration lit up with this scary noise and I opened my eyes to look at him. He was wearing a mask over his part of his face and a black cloak with gloved hands. My breath quickened with the thrill at the moment.


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