Caught on College Girl Sex Video: BBC Elevator Love – What happens in the elevator, stays in the elevator. Or does it?

College Girl Sex Video – He got on at the 2nd floor. Wearing a tank and jeans, construction belt casually slung over his muscled shoulder. He smiled and nodded a hello, the kind you do with strangers in public places. But there was a glint in his dark eyes. This 20-something, fine ebony male was clearly looking me up and down. his gaze lazily stroking from my glossy blonde head, over the professional yet sexy business outfit, and down to my black, high heels.

I could see the six pack abs rippling under his white tee. Even with my stiletto heels, he towered over me. Equally important, I could see the hard, thick BBC straining behind his tight jeans. I’d been in a long, tedious business meeting and as a result, I was ready to blow off some steam. Licking my lips, I looked up at him and smiled without saying anything, obviously letting my expression speak for me …

Watching me all the while, he moved closer. Dropping to his knees as his big hands traveled up my stocking-covered thighs to slowly push up my short skirt, he looked up at me with a predatory grin. He hummed along under his breath as Steve Tyler sang over the elevator speakers about “Love in an elevator…lovin’ it up when I’m going DOWN…”

First, he inhaled with obvious pleasure as he pressed his face to the front of my black, silky panties. Next, he gently pulled my panties aside, parting my already-throbbing pussy lips. Then he took a long, wet lick from ass to clit.

Caught on College Girl Sex Video – Mmm yes, that’s EXACTLY what I need, I thought as I sighed out in a moan, head falling back against the wall.

We still hadn’t exchanged a single word, but his talented tongue was doing ALL the talking. He sucked my tingling clit into his mouth, making loud, juicy slurping noises amid hungry groans. I just couldn’t control myself. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face more deeply into my needy cunt while rocking my hips back and forth.

Rubbing myself back and forth over that ravenous tongue, fucking his face, oh yes! I stared vaguely up at the elevator screen showing our progress as we ascended higher and higher, literally!

At the same time, a flashing light caught my attention. A tiny video camera winked at me from above. This black phone sex “moment” was clearly being recorded! As a result, I whimpered and tried to move away, but not really. The idea that someone, maybe even one of my boyfriends, watched this college girl sex video in progress made me moan louder! Indeed, perhaps someone watching could be a first time cuckold!

40th floor now, almost up to the top. My sexy pussy eater was showing NO signs of stopping, and my need rose higher and higher, SO urgent, ALMOST there …

The elevator “dinged” as we reached the top. Then, the doors began to open.

What happened next? Call me and find out!

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