True Sex Stories: I Was Flashed By A Tiny Dicklet is all about what happened when you tried to “strut your stuff” in front of us at the college library.

True Sex Stories – You thought you were being SO shocking, jumping out from behind the library stacks and dramatically whipping out your baby wiener in front of my girlfriends and me.

“Omg, Angel!” exclaims my bestie Megan as she points at you. “WTF is that? You KNOW I have a major size fetish!” We all burst into hushed, yet uncontrollable laughter. Indeed, you just stood there with your pathetic inchworm clutched between your thumb and forefinger, looking totally deflated. In more ways than one, obviously! LMAO!

Surrounded by a group of sexily-dressed college girls who look totally hot and are definitely out of your league, you stare at us frantically. Of course, you thought you had the upper hand, imagining that you were gonna do a *little* flash n’ wank with some freaked-out girls staring at you. Instead, you realize that the tables are about to be turned into true public sex exposure!

My friends and I casually link arms with you, as if going for a walk. Accordingly, we proceed to pull you into a study room and close the door. “C’mon now, don’t be shy!” one of my friends snickers. “You were so eager to wave your chapstick dick at us a few minutes ago!”

To clarify, I giggle while asking him if anyone has tweezers and a microscope in order to help us find that teenie weenie. Seriously, it’s the ultimate in true sex stories, don’t you think?

As a result, you groan with a mixture of shame, confusion, and lust. Obviously, you’re torn between the desire to run away or staying to see what happens next!

Unwrapping a lollipop and sucking on it for a moment, I continue to snicker at your predicament. “You’re fun-sized, aren’t you,” I casually remark as my friends laugh hysterically.

Looking into your eyes, my expression clearly tells you that there’s no escape from whatever delicious humiliations my friends and I have planned for you!

Want to find out what happens next, Mr. Half-A-Milimeter Peter? Indeed, call me now!

Laughing at you,

Your Wicked Angel


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