College Girls Gone Wild videos?

I admit I have never been in one of those videos, but I was one of those college girls who had a wild time!

It started when I was visiting my grandma in Newport Beach during my senior year Spring Break. My friends went to Cancun, but I was broke. I had to visit family on one of the wildest weeks of my college experience. It’s okay though because it ended up being a great time!

One day after having dinner with my grandma, I decided to go to the local bar and see what kind of trouble I could get into that night. I decided to put on the red string bikini top that showed off my beautiful 34D tits and tanned skin. I put on my shortest pair of cut-off jean shorts with no panties to flaunt my long, gorgeous legs, and a pair of sandals to show off my new pedicure.

When I got to the bar, it was dead, and I must have been the youngest person there! There were no other college girls around. I didn’t mind so much though because I prefer older men. They know how to handle a woman!

College Girls Rule

I spotted a silver fox standing at the bar. We caught each other’s eye, and my pussy immediately started to ache for this sexy man’s hard cock. He wasn’t there with anyone, so I approached him making sure he could see my hard nipples through my bikini top. I wanted him to know I was looking for a big cock to stuff my tight, wet pussy. When I walked up to him, he smiled, and I said, “Let’s cut through the bullshit. I’m young, hot, and horny. I can tell you have a big cock. I haven’t been laid in a while, so let’s go to your car and fuck like animals.” He grabbed my hand and led me to his car.

College Girls Love Older Men

Out of sight and before we reached the car, he grabbed the back of my hair and said, “College girl, I’m going to fuck you as you’ve never been fucked before!”

He must’ve known that I like it rough because a wet spot formed on my shorts. When we got to his car, he put his hand down the front of my pants and started fucking my wet pussy with his fingers.

He said, “Every day, I see college girls like you. I want to fuck you like how you should be fucked. Are you ready for this rock-hard cock to fuck you?”

Then he pulled down my shorts, bent me over the hood of his car, and pulled out his throbbing cock. He placed the head of his big mushroom tip right up to my pussy lips and thrust his big cock deep into my dripping wet pussy until both of us came is a messy pile over the hood of his car.

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