Growing pot is almost as good as smoking!

It’s great fun when my honey comes to the pot greenhouse and has his way with me.

For the most part, I don’t wear too much when working in the greenhouse because of the heat.  Most of the time I have on a cute pair of boy shorts and a cotton camisole.  And have to be wearing a pair of flip-flops on my feet.

Just the smell of pot in the greenhouse makes my pussy wet and my nipples hard.  I put my nose very close to a huge cola and deeply inhale while I rub the outside of my boy shorts.

I hear the door open but I don’t let on that I know I’m not alone.  A pair of hands rest on my hips and pull me back and I feel something hard on my ass.  He turns me around and kisses me, leaving the kiss he asks me if I’d like to get high and fucked in that order.  So how could I refuse such an offer ?

The bowl is always full in the greenhouse.  I take the first hit as he winks at me and while I hand over the pipe, I feel him pulling down my shorts.  So I start to undo his pants so I can take out his cock.  I love to just hold it in my hand and feel the warmth and surging of blood.

Both of us take a couple more hits while we continue to excite one another.

The way he puts the head of his cock in between my pussy lips makes me want to suck his cock.  I take a big hit off the pipe and blow it into his cock and then take just the head of the cock in my mouth and suck on it nice and easy.

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