Cheating Sex Stories: Seduced by the French Foreign Exchange Student, Part IV

Cheating sex stories – are these your favorites types of sex blogs? Cause mine are always so deliciously naughty! I figured it was time to continue my French exchange student dirty sex stories from a couple of weeks ago. Yes! It’s certainly time for part IV.

So, Married Frustrated Hot Guy (Paul) had given me a dildo molded out of his rather large cock, and I had been using it for about a month. I never dialed my volume down, either. His dried up twat of a wife always heard me moaning and I didn’t give a flying fuck. Whether she ever found Paul’s Dildo in my box of sex toys underneath my bed still remains a mystery to me.

Anyways, one day, I decided to take my cheating sex stories and fantasies to the next (very French) level.

It was easy for me to pick which French Maid uniform to order online. I’ve always looked HOT in a corset, so I made sure to pick one that would squeeze my large, firm tits together. The satin ribbons in the back would allow me to really make those breasts pour out while still leaving a (tiny) bit to the imagination.

I also suspected Paul to have a stocking fetish, so I made sure to order some really sexy stockings – you know the ones with the seam in the back? Yeah, those ones, along with a garter belt of course, a poofy little skirt and a sexy choker.

The package arrived a few days later. His wife came knocking on my door with it. “Carmen,” she said with pursed lips, “this just arrived for you.”

The box came from Fredericks of Hollywood. And the glare in her narrow, strict eyes made me believe she was VERY well aware of my cheating sex stories fetish.

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