Thanksgiving Adult Sex Stories – I’m Thankful For My Sex Toys, My Callers, & Many Other Naughty Things!

Adult sex stories – so, since Thanksgiving is right around the corner… it’s time for me to tell you what the fuck I’m most thankful for! And that includes YOU!

I) I’m Thankful For: My Collection of Sex Toys & Naughty Artifacts

When I don’t have your big hard cock to play with, I turn to my dozens of kinky sex toys. Aligned in my bedroom is my collection of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, strap-ons – all shapes, sizes and colors please! 😉 Let’s not forget the nipple clamps, floggers, blindfolds and handcuffs….and my special C&B torture box reserved for you hardcore sex gods!

If you have a stocking fetish, you’re in luck – lacy stockings, sexy panties, garter belts and corsets are some of my favorite things to wear…. But I definitely have my share of naughty nurse costumes and school girl uniforms too! You pick it and I’ll wear it!

II) I’m Thankful For: My Geeky & Nerdy Twisted Imagination

I love mixing brains and kink together, as some of you can tell from my naughty, dorky teacher sex stories! What’s not to love – solving math and physics problems in the context of fucking? I sure wish I’d had a teacher like ME back in high school!

III) I’m Thankful For: Being A Hardcore Exhibitionist

Adult sex stories take an ever more perverted twist when they involve a hot, kinky exhibitionist like me! As you may know from my hot XXX college sex video, I LOVE showing off on camera…. So if you have a voyeuristic penchant, then you know who to call! Don’t forget to inquire about how to get a video of me on your next call…!

IV) I’m Thankful For: You, All of You – The Callers Who Make Me Cum and Even Make Me Laugh!

You all know who you are. Must I say more? You go make your drink, I get my glass of Sauvignon Blanc and we start to talk. Nothing makes me wetter than a powerful intellectual orgasm followed by rowdy naughty playtime!

So Let’s Get Kinky During the Thanksgiving Season!

So tell me, what are YOU most thankful for this year? And how can I help you spice up your deviant adult sex stories? Call the sexiest French girl on Phone Sex Kingdom at 1-888-413-5974! Let’s make sure we have PLENTY MORE to be thankful for the next couple of weeks!

French Whore Carmen