Cheating Sex Stories: Seduced by the French Foreign Exchange Student, Part VI

Cheating sex stories – by now, you should know I’m a huge fan of these! Especially if you’ve been keeping up with my kinky sex stories as a HOT French college girl studying in the Land of Opportunity! You’ve guessed it – it’s time for part VI…

By snooping around in Paul’s Internet history, I’d discovered that he had a French Maid fetish. So naturally I ordered the sexiest, most provocative costume I could find. Then I waited for his austere wife to go away on a business trip to surprise Paul in my naughty stockings, apron and sexy ruffled skirt.

Paul obviously knew I was a huge fan of cheating sex stories and that I often fantasized about them. But he did NOT expect to see me standing there in my naughty costume, with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne and glasses on a tray.

With a stunned expression on his face, he turned around the locked the front door. “How did you know –”

I took a step forward and placed a finger on his lips. “Shh.”

I’d been craving Paul’s lips on mine for a while now, but I also didn’t want to rush the moment. “Why don’t we go upstairs and enjoy this champagne?”

He smiled as I turned around, knowing he was staring at my ass cheeks peeking from under my ruffled skirt as I strutted upstairs.

I guided him to his bedroom. Inside I poured us two flutes of champagne then approached my red lips to his ear. “I’m gonna make sure that every fucking little fetish you’ve had gets fulfilled in your and your wife’s bed tonight.” I smiled and raised my glass. “À ta santé, mon chéri.

We toasted to that and set the glasses down.

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