Sex slave stories – A Letter to my Nasty Dirty Panty Cross Dressing Slave, Part IV

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My Dearest Labia Licking Dirty Panty Slave Boy,

You never cease to impress me during our kinky xxx sex stories and phone porn sessions! Your absolute love and blind devotion to me always shine through the multiple nasty sex stories we share!

I love how you’re just never satisfied enough, my nasty panty slave boy, and how you just want to lick me clean every time I use the bathroom. You love that sweet, pungent stream of urine and that yummy chocolate, don’t you, my little nasty cross-dressing slave!

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I know how you love my lesbian sex tapes, and the ones of me stripping and playing with myself! But our last sissy phone sex session gave me another delicious idea.

You remember our last phone call, don’t you, my little nasty slave boy?

After you licked my dirty cream-filled panties clean, we talked about you learning how to suck cock properly. In front of me of course, your tastiest mistress, as I smoked a cigarette and drank my vodka on the rocks. I would force you to get on your knees like a good little slave boy and look up at my fuck buddy with those submissive eyes of yours. You’d beg to take his cock all the way in your nasty little mouth, wouldn’t you, my pussy juice addicted panty slave boy?

To make our sex slave stories even kinkier, I’d make sure to dress you up in a frilly pink dress! With stockings too, of course and a nice pair of fuck-me high heels. Don’t look at me with those pleading eyes, I know you’ll fucking love it!

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