Cheating Sex Stories: Seduced by the French Foreign Exchange Student, Part II

Cheating sex stories – yes! Who doesn’t like those? Especially ones that involve a naughty college girl and a sexually frustrated married man! The reason? Simply because I speak from exxxperience, as you can read from part I of my dirty sex stories as a horny French exchange student.

So if you recall, an American couple had welcomed me into their home for a semester. For obvious reasons, the wife didn’t like me – she always scowled and parted her thin wrinkled lips in disdain when I pranced around in my short skirts. At first her husband Paul kept his distance from me, but I was intuitive enough to see that he’d definitely checked me out a couple of times.

It was evident that Paul was not only frustrated sexually but intellectually as well. At dinner time, his wife either occupied herself with her smartphone or spent her time criticizing him. That, and even though they shared a bedroom, I could literally hear CRICKETS at night time, and there was no way in hell these two were having any type of hot sex.

I got into the habit of sneaking into Paul’s home office from time to time, checking out his Internet history to see what type of stuff he was looking at. It mostly consisted of cheating sex stories, college girls having lesbian sex, and other type of college girl porn. Surprisingly, I also pulled up some sites selling sex toys and sexy lingerie. A particular French maid uniform costume caught my interest. Maybe he was trying to spice things back up with his wife?

One day, after class, I came back to the house and went upstairs to my room. On my pillow, I found a package with a note.

“Carmen,” the note read. “I’ve been watching you for a while. I know you sneak in my office to look at my computer, and have seen all of the cheating sex stories and fantasies I masturbate with. Here’s a little something for you. Until we can get together, think of me when you use it.”

The package contained a big thick 8-inch dildo with the words “Paul’s cock” written across the length.

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