Lesbian Sex Stories: How I Made My Little Sister Cum For The First Time!

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My little sister’s name is Katie. She’s three years younger than I. We’ve always been really close. I remember growing up and cuddling in the same bed when she would have nightmares.

Katie developed quickly like I did. At fourteen, she already had perfect nice tits like mine. We started borrowing each other’s clothes, panties and bras.

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You see, Katie had been dating this guy, J., and had asked me to get her on the pill. One day, we were in my room trying on new clothes, half naked, and she asked me what an orgasm felt like.

“You mean J. hasn’t made you cum yet?”

She was embarrassed and sort of smiled. “No.”

“And you’ve never…”

“No, I’ve never touched myself down there.”

I had to laugh a bit. I’d been getting myself off since the age of twelve.

Well, obviously, it was my sisterly duty to make Katie cum, and cum really hard!

Smiling, I got up from the bed, lifted her chin, and kissed her, pressing my bare tits against hers. Then I gently laid her on the bed. She smiled back as I began to fondle her large tits, plucking the nipples with my lips, and grinding my cunt against hers. Our tits bounced softly against one another as I sucked her tongue and slid a finger in her cotton panties. There it was – my sister’s sweet, sweet tight little pussy.

I must have been doing a pretty good damn job eating her out because Katie was already getting wet. I removed her damp panties, licking the inside of her smooth thighs and going up to her tight little teenage pussy. Her clit swelled up in my mouth as I finger fucked her, making her body shake, tighten and tremor as she came all over my face, moaning and gasping my name.

Then there was a knock on the door.

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