First Time Sex Story: How I Fucked a Young Virgin

First Time Sex Story: His name is Evan. We met in a chat room and decided to meet up. I’ve never fucked a virgin before, so it’s time to cross that off my TO-DO list.

So I pick him up from school one day and drive to my place. He’s a bit nervous in the car, darting glances at my nipples piercing my tight white tank top.

Inside my bedroom I let my blonde hair loose and tell him to get undressed. I approach him. His cock isn’t large by any means – six inches maybe? He cups my tits in his hands, squeezing softly, hesitating.

I put my hand over his. “Grab them harder.” Strange to be with such a young innocent boy, helping him write his first time sex story the way he’s fulfilling my virgin fantasy.

I slip off my cut-off shorts and panties as he stares and blushes. Then I push his fingers between my legs.

I am already wet. It surprises him. He slips a finger inside my warm cunt as my pussy walls tighten.

“It’s time,” I say, throwing him on the bed and climbing on top of him. I kiss him, forcing my tongue inside his mouth as I begin grinding my cunt against his cock, hard and throbbing with sticky pre-cum.

I rub the head of his dick across my warm twat, shoving my large perky tits in his face. He’s already trying to thrust himself inside me. I can tell he won’t last long – what virgin boys can last for more than a few minutes?

I reach down, grabbing his rock hard dick with hands, and sliding it closer to my slit. This nice load of virgin cum needs to fill me up.

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