It really sucks to be paired up with a bad student in class. Thankfully I’ve learned to make the best of things…

Teacher sex stories in which two students hate one another always turn out to be the naughtiest and kinkiest! Here’s what I mean….

My lab partner Jon and I don’t get along. At least we pretend we don’t. He sucks at chem. He doesn’t know the difference between an atom and a molecule. Seriously??? During our lab experiments, he always uses the wrong fucking solutions. Come on dude…it’s NOT rocket science.

That’s what I told our chem teacher, Professor Veronica Vincent. Veronica has never been part of my teacher sex stories before, but has certainly made several appearances in my fantasy sex stories that include cum eating and kinky threesomes.

So she made Jon and I come to her office to settle the problem.

Professor Veronica listened to us complain and bitch about each other, rolled her eyes, muttering something about immature college girls and boys, then got up and locked her office door.

“It looks like we have some team building exercises to do together,” she purred, strutting back to her desk. “You two need to work on your chemistry if you’re going to pass this class.”

She began unbuttoning her silk blouse as I glanced at Jon, secretly pleased. Jon was shy but handsome in a boyish sort-of-way, and in truth I’d only been mean to him to get his attention.

“Both of you strip down,” she ordered. “Else you’ll both get an F.”

I weakly protested, telling Jon he had to turn around and calling him “a little perv” as he tried to glance at my perky tits and firm ass cheeks. He pretended to look annoyed but I could tell a nice big bulge had formed in his pants. Ha.

Team building, here we cum…!

The last thing I remember seeing and feeling before closing my eyes was Jon’s hungry tongue exploring my juicy, tasty cunt while I sucked on Professor Veronica’s large bouncy tits and erect nipples.

Jon and I both got an A in chem that semester, and we sure got along really well for the rest of the year. He ended up becoming a regular fuck buddy of mine – and we both made a habit of visiting Professor Veronica during office hours for our fun team building exercises.

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