My large tits finished blossoming at the age of 16, just when I started babysitting for a married couple.

Babysitter sex stories that involve a cheating husband are always the naughtiest! It so happens I have a pretty scandalous one to tell you…

In most babysitter sex stories, the husband is usually the one who hires the hot, sweet 16 year-old babysitter.

In this case, I was surprised when the wife was the one to interview me. She briefly went over my scrawny resume, then took a good look at me, almost like she was checking me out.

“I think this is going to work out, Carmen,” she finally said. “But there’s something I need you to do for me.”

Curious, I listened closely. She suspected her husband enjoyed the company of high school girls. She wanted to test him and see if he’d make a move on me, and I would need to report every fucking interaction I had with him.

Oh, and she also insisted I dress provocatively in order to tempt the poor man.

No problem there. I absolutely love flaunting my tight little ass, athletic legs and perky tits when then are ogling married men around.

I took the job – it paid well enough and in truth, I was curious to meet this sexually famished cheating husband of hers and make him a part of my famous cheating sex stories.

As I soon found out, the wife was very Christian, thought porn came from the devil and hardly ever fucked her poor, deprived husband. No wonder he nearly blew a load when I arrived on the first day wearing my tiny cut-out jean shorts! Ooops. Silly me.

One day I complained about a strained muscle in my upper shoulders. He slipped behind me and started massaging my neck. My moans encouraged him to slowly working his way down to the front of my tank top.

I never wear a bra. Why bother? My large tits are perky enough and the friction between my boobs and shirt never fails to arouse my nipples.

As his hands slid underneath my shirt, I slowly pushed my ass against his crotch to feel that nice big bulge I knew was forming in his pants.

It didn’t take us long to start fucking in the evenings, when the kids were sleeping and when the wife was attending some boring church function. He’d pretend he was working, would sneak into the house, then sneak back out after a lengthy fuck marathon.

To this day I still wonder if their marriage lasted. Probably not.

So watch out, bitches! If you’re not giving what your husband needs, I’ll be more than happy to step in!

I have plenty of other naughty babysitter sex stories to tell, but I’ll leave these for another naughty time…

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