Celebrity Sex Stories – One Night Stand With A Musician – Part Two

Celebrity Sex Stories – He motioned me over and I walked on over to him.  Ordering me to get on my knees and crawl up between his legs. me. Removing his belt with my teeth and unzipping his pants.  Opening my mouth wide taking him deep down my throat.  He grabbed my hair and pumped his cock hard.  Fucking my mouth.  My mind was BLOWN.  Is this really happening?  This guy?

He can have any girl he wants and here I am.  He wants me.  Right now.

Suddenly he pulled me off his hard dick and told me to wait a minute.  He took a phone call.  If it were any other guy I would have said FUCK YOU.  I’m out of here.  What’s more important than me?  Right here?  Right now?  Throwing me down he started singing in my ear as I melted.  Letting myself go.  He put my long legs up over his shoulders and put his hard cock inside me in one motion.  I was THAT ready to accept it.  Holding it there, I came hard twice before he even started to move.  When he did, he thrust fast and hard.

I saw stars.  Literally getting my brains fucked out.

For real.  By this HUGE celebrity.  Who could have anybody.  Anyone at all.  And it was ME of all people.  As he moved and pushed himself inside me.  I could smell the sweat of the night and taste it.  On his skin.  Crying out I screamed MORE, MORE, MORE.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the lover that arranged all of this for me.  Standing in the corner.  Watching.  A smile on his face while I was being taken and giving it up.  Knowing I will have to figure out a way to return the favor.

All I could do was a wink and blow him a kiss and finish getting fucked.

The musician that I worshiped for so long asked if he could cum inside me.  OMG.  Really?  I looked at my lover and he nodded.  YESSSSSSSSSSS…………….And so he did.  One of the BEST nights of my whole life!  Seriously.  You cannot make this shit up!

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