Masturbation is so basic. You don’t want to be a basic bitch, do you? DO YOU? Thought not. Become a sex hungry CEI hypno addict to really try something new to jerk off to.

Hypnosis Sessions Warning

A session will alter your relationship to sex in general and masturbation in particular. You will want to masturbate more but cum less. A session has the serious potential of making you more addicted to staying aroused as much and as long as possible by watching more porn and edging yourself while refraining from climax. You will be encouraged to see continuous pornographic content in your mind. A session uses different physiological techniques from clinical therapeutic settings that will affect behavior and emotions. No longer using these particular sessions once trained will result in feelings of discomfort of emptiness. The longer the subject uses these sessions, the longer the effects will take to wear off. May cause permanent change. Uses flashing, disorienting imagery, and binaural beats.

Five Phases of Hypnosis

Phase One: Relax.

You will experience hypnosis through relaxation techniques with or without the addition of binaural beats. You can decide if you’d like to use the binaural beats to induce hypnosis or if you’d like to add to your experience. Delta waves mimic brain waves during the deepest part of sleep so you may be more relaxed, and more susceptible to suggestions, listing to delta beats.

Phase Two: No Touching.

No touching. There will be no touching of your body at this point. However, there will be lots of suggestions introduced here that will make you desperate to. Sexual fantasies and hyperawareness of your throbbing cock and inability to touch it will be maddening at this point. Even though you are in a relaxed state, I will talk you through wanting to fuck, craving tight, young pussy (or cock, depending on the situation), and how desperate you are to cum. All thoughts will flood from your mind except one: need to cum. With this particular kind of training, you’ll become a CEI hypno addict so you’ll only think of wanting to taste your own cum. Cum isn’t just a treat, you NEED it in order to function. You’ll want CEI and to please me by swallowing every drop more than you’ll even want to reach orgasm! Can you imagine?

Phase Three: Time to Touch.

You receive very specific instructions on how to touch your cock during this phase. This may involve using your fingertips, a number of fingers and thumb, differing amounts of pressure at different pressure points along your cock and balls. We may even delve into anal play if we’ve discussed it beforehand. I’m turning you into a CEI hypno addict but I’m not a sadist. If you’re uninterested in having your backside stretched open, then we’ll not go that route. But if you’re a fan, I’m going to push you on it and expect you to have lube and toys at the ready when the session begins.

Phase Four: Edging.

It’s frustrating, but edging is the only way you’ll truly learn how to build up your stamina for further sessions. If you want to be a real CEI hypno addict, you’ll need to take every phase seriously, even though some of it is less pleasant than others. I will tell you to stop touching your cock when you get close. You will be given 5 or 10 seconds to stroke however you want to but then I’ll demand you stop immediately. If you trust the rest of the process, you need to trust me with the edging as well. We will edge you several times during the CEI hypno addict session. You will repeat after me: I want to cum. I need to cum. I crave my own cum. Please let me cum.

Phase Five: CEI.

This is the part I’m going to be least specific about because you need to experience it for yourself at the moment to truly enjoy it. You will cum after a countdown into your hand, on a plate, in a glass, or even shot into your own mouth. The most important thing is that you will do a “quality check” for me. I will expect you to report on how it tastes and how you feel before I bring you up from your hypno state.

CEI Hypno Addict

When you are ready to hand over control, give me a call. Find yourself a comfortable place to lie down and let’s turn you into the CEI hypno addict of your dreams!

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