I Could See My Lil Brother Jacking Off

When I went back home for Christmas a few weeks ago to stay with the family over the holidays.  Something happened I’ve thought about several times since. My mom turned my old bedroom into a crafting room.  So I had to double up with my little brother, he has twin beds in his room.   He always had friends staying over and whatnot.  So one night over the holidays, I was asleep and was wakened up by a faint noise.  and I opened my eyes.  And the little perv was jacking off with me right in the room!. He was at his desk, back to me and I could see on his computer screen.   What I could see of it, he had on some lesbian porn with the sound off.

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I could see my brother jacking off right there around six feet ahead of me. I was not expecting to be wakened up by my teenage brother’s masturbation noises and heavy breathing.  But I gotta say, it kinda turned me on. And I just lay there watching him go at it, beating his young dick.  And  I quietly got up out of the bed and went over to him.   He was so involved in what he was doing. And He didn’t notice me until I was standing right next to him. He gasped with surprise to see his sister standing right there as he was jacking off.  And I looked down at his cock, not bad for a young teen I thought.

I Bent Over So He Could See My Ass Clearly

He stopped jacking off and looked embarrassed and I told him to keep doing it.  I said that I wanted to watch him. And He looked a bit reluctant and I told him to do it, so he did.  He resumed jacking off in front of his sister and was soon going at it as if I wasn’t even there. I pulled my large tee shirt I was wearing to bed off and tossed it on his bed.  And I bent over so he could see my pussy from behind, which I’m kind of sure was wet at this point.

I then leaned over in front of him so my tits were right in his face all the while he continued to jack off.  And I brushed my nipples right against his lips and all of a sudden felt something wet on my stomach and realized he’d shot his load and he groaned as he stared down at his cum..

I Worked My Pussy Right In Front Of Him

I laid back on his bed and spread my legs and started to work my pussy with my fingers as he watched me. It only took him a moment to get hard again.  And he resumed stroking as he watched me glide my fingers up and down my stiff clit. I don’t think he’d ever seen a real, live naked girl before, let along a masturbating one and he was loving it. I came and was quiet, as I didn’t want to waken our parents, but it was hot for us both. It was a fun trip home, I must say and I made him masturbate for me every night after until I had to go home.

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