Cum All Over Me

This new guy I’ve been seeing, he has balls that are a bit larger than average. Not like a cantaloupe melon or anything, but bigger than most men and he loved it. Boasting of his ability to produce lots of hot cum. My ears perked up at his claim, since I have a cum fetish. And I love to be covered in cum when I have sex or give oral. I love to be down on my knees and take a salty load all over my tits or face. I’ve taken it and rubbed it all over my titties with glee.

The first time we were going to be together I told him how much I loved cum. And he laughed and said he wanted to see how much. I got down on my knees and he whipped his huge cock out. I cupped his balls with both of my hands and looked at his package with admiration. Almost like a nurse or doctor examining it. But with a lot of love.


It bobbed up and down on its own in front of me. And I leaned in to lick the precum off the tip and kiss it. I opened my mouth wide and was given a mouthful of cock. I could barely take it all in it was so thick and I was soon gagging. He loved it and I felt his hand on the back of my head . He was shoving it down and I was slobbering all over it.  When he was going to cum, he pulled it out and shot his sticky, gooey load all over my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to get ever delicious drop of it and swallowed it down.

I Want More

It didn’t take him long to get hard again.I was soon on all fours, elbows down, ass up, and he was fucking my wet cunt from behind. And it touched my G spot inside and I was going wild with the way he was fucking me. I was rubbing my clit at the same time and I was cumming on his cock. And I thought after cumming on my face he’d have been about milked dry. But I was given a huge load inside my pussy. I could feel each squirt as my pussy contracted around his dick. And I could feel rivulets of cum going down the insides of my thighs.

Apparently he liked his own cum as much as I did. Since he got me on my back and was soon burying his face in my cum filled pussy. And he began to lick out his own cum and .I was soon pushed over that edge to orgasm as he flickered his tongue over my stiffened clit. And he then lapped out all of his own cum that was dripping out of me. He loved that cream pie and I swear I didn’t have a drop left in me after he was finished. My cunt had been licked clean of his leavings and I was about as satisfied as I could be. Cum really is a thing of wonder and beauty.

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