My New Job As A Nurse’s Assistant at a prison

I took a job as a nurse assistant.I had no idea one of the job openings would be at a men’s prison. It sounded interesting and surely would have some interesting characters there.So I thought I’d try it there and see how it suited me. I’ve always had a thing for rough sex and brutish men. And a prison seemed like it would have plenty of both. One of the tasks I was assigned was helping the head nurse give physicals to the men. Taking their blood pressure and their pulse. I noticed several of the men would get erections when I’d wrap the blood pressure cuff around them. I think most had not touched a woman in so long they were just horny all the time. And any woman in close proximity was fair game to them.

I Took Pleasure In Teasing Them

I almost enjoyed teasing them .And  I could touch them knowing many hadn’t been intimate with a woman in many years. It wasn’t hard to get them hard. I took pleasure in the teasing that was so easy for me. Sometimes the older prisoners would need prostate exams. Many would get hard for that anyway having the head nurse insert their fingers up their rectum. And sometimes I’d flash them a boob as I was standing near them. I had to make it look like an accident of course and “forget” to wear a bra. And lean over a bit too far or something like that.

cj nurse 3

They’d smile and get even harder with what the doctor was doing to them. I think many of them were just so horny, they couldn’t help but get hard at the thought of a woman’s touch, even non sexual. I’d sometimes not wear panties either and flash them my pussy when I’d “accidentally” drop something. And have to bend over and pick it up. I knew they’d not dare reach out and touch me or else they could get in even more trouble. And have any privileges taken away. But I did love to appear like some horny bitch to them and get under their skin.

Hand Job For The Horny Inmate

Once when the head nurse was out of the room, I reached up under the prisoners paper gown. And grabbed his cock and started to pump it, of course as soon as I heard the door and the nurse coming in I stopped. But he was as hard as a rock. I know the medical personnel are used to that happening here since the men don’t get touched by women. They are jacking off every chance they get.  So any touch gets them aroused. But I don’t think she’d have been impressed if she knew I was giving one of them a hand job. But it was kind of fun. I am such a naughty, horny girl, but with an institution full of horny men, it’s hard to not get carried away at time, though maybe isn’t the wisest thing to do. Getting possibly violent criminals worked up could be dangerous, but that’s where the excitement comes in!

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