I’ve been doing a bit of renovating recently and doing a lot of it myself, painting, wallpapering, stuff like that I can do, but when it involves saws, wood, more involved stuff, I’d prefer to pay someone else to do it. I didn’t want to spend a lot though, so I was mentioning this to my neighbor and he recommended his kid brother. I was a bit unsure, he said he was only a 19 year old college student, but when I described the work needed, he said his brother would be more than able to do it and fairly fast and cheaper than I’d get a tradesman to do it, so I said fine.

A couple of days later the brother of the neighbor called and asked when he could get started, it was only a 2-3 day job, and I said the next day was fine. He showed up in the morning and my jaw dropped. The neighbor was a good looking man, but his brother, fuck, he was gorgeous! I didn’t want to appear flustered, so I played it cool and led him into the guest room that was being turned into an office that was next to my bedroom and showed him where everything was. He was to build some shelves into the wall and a few other small things that were above my skills. He set to work and I went into my bedroom to catch up on some paperwork and could hear him working away.

A few hours later I popped in to see what he was doing and he’d taken his shirt off, he said he hoped I didn’t mind, he was a bit warm. No I said, I didn’t mind. I could feel a tingle in my pussy as my eyes raked over his abs, which were like a washboard. I think my gaze stayed a bit longer than it should have and he noticed and smiled and I apologized for staring. God, he was beautiful and all of a sudden I wanted him. I wanted that young, hard still teenage cock. I walked over closer to him and laid my hand on his hard stomach and just ran my hand up and down to feel how hard it was. He put his hand on my breast and started running his thumb over my nipple, making it spring to life instantly.

He moved in to kiss me and I led him by the hand back to my bedroom, that wasn’t covered in building supplies and he followed without hesitation at my lead. I sat him on the edge of the bed and undid his belt and zipper and took out his cock, which was similarly beautiful and around 8 inches and thick. I knelt before him and started to caress it as his hand ran through my hair. I could hear him start to breathe a bit heavier as I pumped that gorgeous dick up and down in my hand and then started to lower my mouth down onto it and suck eagerly at the head of it, swirling my tongue around its head to capture every drop of the pre cum off of it that was leaking out.

I deep throated it and he bucked up towards my face in excitement. I licked and I slurped at it hungrily until I thought I would go wild unless I felt it inside of me and I stood up, and stripped out of my clothes quickly and got on the bed doggy position and waited for that teenage cock to enter me from behind, which he did seconds later. I was already dripping and it slid inside as I leaned down on my elbows feeling thrust after thrust of that hard cock in my cunt all the way up to the balls. He grabbed at my tits and squeezed them as he fucked me and I could feel my pussy clench around his dick as I came and he shot his load inside of me soon afterwards and his young cum was dripping down my thigh. I was sure glad I’d told the neighbor about needing some help, his brother turned out to be just the ticket indeed.

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