It’s no surprise Betty Boop is my character of choice to have cartoon sex with.

Really, whenever I think of who to have cartoon sex with, my mind fills with either painfully shy and awkward men or sexy women. And Betty Boop, while much older than me, and not on my tv screen, was designed from a sex symbol. So my being attracted to her… well, that’s natural, I’d think.

She’s got makeup and big eyes that I adore, plus a cute little short skirt I’d like to feel up. I’d love to just be riding around on our motorcycle one day, my hands wrapped around her soft stomach. Occasionally, I’d reach up and give her boobs a teasing squeeze, feeling how plush and perky her breasts were, teasing her as we rode around. I mean, that’s part of the fun of motorbikes, isn’t it? When you’re the passenger, you get a free ticket to put your arms around the driver and hold onto their body.

Eventually, after enough teasing, Betty pulls off to the side of the road. She swings her legs over the bike and gets off.

Then, I get her off.

I wouldn’t at all be remiss in putting my head between her thick thighs, where anyone would catch us. I want to know what she tastes like. Her eyes would go so wide. Maybe she’d tut at me while waving her gold-braceleted hand at how eager I am. Her eyes closed and her lips tremble as she held my hair back while she orgasmed. “Oh my,” she says in that squeaky voice of hers. “Oh, oh, oh my.”

I grin and keep eating her out, ignoring the honks of drivers all around us. She trembles as I push her into another orgasm. Her pussy squirts into my mouth again and again as I keep taking her over the edge, unable to contain how thirsty I am for this cartoon beauty.

And once we’re done, we get back on the bike and keep hitting the road.


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