Camp Counselor – Part 3 Exploring Boundaries

One of my favorite boys from that summer was Micah.  He came to me outside, alone in the woods just a few days after our first gangbang.  He was so unsure of himself as he explained to me how he wanted to try new things.  Then he said, “After the other night, I knew I could trust you with this.  I just don’t want the other guys knowing because I think they will make fun of me.”  “Okay,” I replied.  “Meet me behind the cabin, in the woods after everyone goes to sleep.  We will explore your boundaries together.”  He agreed and walked off quickly before anyone saw us chatting.  I wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to try, but I couldn’t wait until that night to find out!

Lights out was finally called.  It seemed like it took forever for the time to pass.  I made my way to the woods behind the cabins with a backpack of things that I thought we might need.  I had a blanket to lay out on the hard ground, some lube and a couple of toys that I had brought to make sure my sexual needs were taken care of.  HA! Little did I know, that wasn’t something I would be worrying about that summer!  I had the blanket laid out and had just opened up my backpack when Micah appeared.

He still looked really nervous.  I greeted him with a warm smile and told him to sit down with me.

“What is it exactly that you had in mind for this?” I asked him.  “Well, I haven’t been with many girls.  I mean, I’ve had sex, blowjobs, and have gone down on girls,” he started, “but I guess I just want to know what else there is.  I’m always the one doing it all, it would be nice to try something different.”  “So you want to test out your limits?” I asked.  “I guess, yeah.  I don’t really know,” he stammered, “I was hoping you would just know some things to try and see if I like them.”

“So, you trust me?” I asked.  “Yes,” he replied.  “Okay, I want you to take off your shirt and put your hands behind your back.  Since you are so used to being in control, I want you on your knees.  I’m taking it all away from you,” I said as I tied his hands behind him with a silk scarf.

I pulled off my tank top and moved directly in front of his face.  “Do you like my big tits Micah?”  I asked.  “Oh yes, Brooke,” he replied.  “As long as I am teaching you, I am in control,” I started, “You will not do anything unless I say you can.  You will learn to ask nicely for things and, you will address me as Mistress.  Do you understand Micah?”  “Yes Mistress,” he replied.  “Very good Micah.  Now, would you like to taste my nipples in your mouth?” I asked.

“Oh yes, please, Mistress.”  I placed my erect nipple right on his lips.

He opened his mouth and gently started to lick the tip of it with his tongue and then sucked it nice and hard.  I started moaning, it felt so good, but my other one needed some attention as well, so I moved it to his mouth and he proceeded to do the same to that one.  “Mmm, that is very good, Micah,” I said, “but now, I want to give you a taste of my sweet pussy.”  I stood before him, took his head into my hands, and pressed his face into my wet slit.

He wasted no time and soon had his tongue lapping up my juices, sliding up and down my folds and sucking on my clit.  I started to cum, but decided that I wanted to save it for when he was being really good.  I had plans for him that were far more intense than he ever knew.  “So I want to see just how much you can handle before you are begging me to untie you,” I said as I, once again, kneeled down in front of him.  My tongue slid from my mouth to trace his lips that were covered in my juices.  I pulled his head tighter to me as he opened up and shared even more of my sweet flavor with me as our tongues met in a deep kiss.

Then I gently pushed him back until he was lying on his back.

I moved my mouth down his neck to his chest, sucking and gently biting his hard nipples, then continuing down his stomach to the waist of his pants.  I undid his button, pulled his zipper down, and slid his shorts and boxers off of him.  Moving back up between his legs, I spread them wider until I had enough room to lie between them.  I used my nose to lift his full balls, revealing his smooth taint.  I traced his taint with my tongue all the way down to his tight little asshole.

Micah started to moan and I took that as my queue to continue.  I started to rim his hole, pressing my tongue in a little further until I was able to slide it in and out of him comfortably.  Once I found that he was good with that, I wet my finger with my mouth and began to slowly penetrate him.  I looked up at his face, seeing the pleasure written all over it I asked, “You like me playing with that tight little fuck hole don’t you, Micah?”  “Oh my God, Mistress, that feels amazing!  Please don’t stop!” he begged.

I had my finger almost all the way in and decided to add yet another.

Not wanting to pull it out of him and lose any ground I had gained, I leaned in and started to lick another finger, then around the one already inside of him.  As I started to add the other finger, Micah let out a little whimper.  I was determined to be fucking his ass before the night was over, but had I done too much, too fast?  Did I find a limit on his ass already?  Give me a call and find out!  Of course, you could always wait for my next blog, but what is the fun in that?!?!?

Part one and Part two are not necessary to understand this story, but will definitely give you some background on it all 🙂

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