Alright… which one of you guys busted me out?

I just read Kari’s last blog entry, and it looks like she has definitely figured out that SHE is my secret bisexual PSK girl-crush! I should spank your ass rosy for telling on me, but instead I think I will say thank you! Now that she knows, I can openly flirt with her, and hopefully hook up with her for a little girl on girl fucking! Now that I know she loves big black cocks just as much as I do, I only want to play with her MORE! I can just imagine a big, hot, ebony cock sliding between her amazing tits as I sit my pretty little pussy on her face and ride her flexible, talented tongue! Something tells me that this girl knows how to give an epic tongue fuck!  Combine that with some BBC love? And I’m in heaven!

I’d love to have her all to myself as well! I’m closing my eyes RIGHT NOW and thinking about what it would be like to pull her in close for a long, lingering kiss with lots of tongue – how exciting it would be, licking those hard, suckable nipples – tasting her sweet pussy nectar for the first time – and looking deeply into her eyes as we plaster ourselves together and get ready for a hardcore tribbing session! (aka “scissoring” for those of you that aren’t up on your girl on girl terms). Mmmmm. Yummy!  And I’m sure between the two of us, we could find a strap on to use on each other! We are both SO hot, SO kinky, and have SO much in common – the possibilities for phone fucking fun are endless!

Who wants to witness our very first  bisexual phone fucking session? C’mon guys, help me out here! I want the taste of her pussy on my tongue BAD! I’m squirming right now, just thinking about it! PLEASE! Call me and set up a 2 girl call, so I can finally get my hands (and tongue!) on that super-hot slut Kari! If YOU happen to be our first 2-girl caller? I’ll give you 5 min free on your next solo call with ME!

Ready? Me too! Let’s DO THIS! =)



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