We all love a good tease, even my brother in law. Do you know what happens when you mix alcohol and two horny people in a room alone together? You get one hell of a night. My sister and her husband don’t live far so every night she turns him down for sex, he ends up knocking on my door just hoping I’ll give him one good ride. I kind of want to take his cock on little test drive but I enjoy the tease so much more. I now where hardly anything at all to bed because I just know he’s going to show up begging. I’ll let him and lead him to the bedroom knowing he’s staring at my ass as we walk down the hall and into my bedroom. We’ll climb into bed I’ll throw my leg over his and rub my bare feet against his legs, you know that move it’s the move where us girls are trying to make you think we want you so fucking bad. Does that little tease work on you?

He by this point can’t handle not touching me. His hands slide up my thigh but I stop his hand I roll on top of him, straddling him, kissing him. I nibble his ear and kiss his neck that’s the sweet spot for my dear brother in law. His clothes are coming off, My shirt gets tossed on the floor before I know it his mouth his on my nipples licking and sucking them. He lightly bites down on my nipple and tugs. There’s only a thin pair of panties between his cock and my pussy, I tease my brother in law grinding my crotch against his cock. I can feel his cock throbbing against the crotch of my panties so I grind against his cock faster his hands squeeze my ass he is moaning and then I push myself back I’m not letting him cum so easily. Every little cheating brother in law loves to be edged by their hot sister in law.

I notice my panties are wet but I don’t want him to notice or he’ll tease back and I can’t have that. He’s begging for my pussy, he’s pleading he’s so horny and ready to fuck me he can’t take any more teasing but Its not over until I say its over. I slide my mouth down his body I knew it was taunting him but I didn’t care. I used the tip of my tongue to tease his cock head. His toes are curling, he’s pulling at the sheets every time my mouth slides further down on his shaft he moans louder and his cock throbs harder. He tells me his cock is about to explode and I remove my mouth without letting him finish. Does that cock sucking get your cock all worked up too? Need a little edging to intensify your orgasms? A little tease denial will do you some good. Ready to play with your secret mistress

TeaseKinky Kelsey