“Why the fuck would you want to lose your breath during sex?!”

Even as Jonathan explained it to me, it didn’t make any sense! I had heard of people literally dying, from auto-erotica asphyxia! Sure, everyone wants a better orgasm but not enough to risk your life over!

It enhances the intensity of your climax.  You’ll see…” and he began kissing me, deeply.  Jonathan always made me wet, just with his kiss.  He took me by the waist and pushed me back onto the bed, caressing my breasts and finding the hard, stiff nipples under my shirt.  I stopped thinking about the conversation.  All I knew was the taste of his lips, the rough pinch of his fingers on my tits and the bulge in his pants!  I could feel myself getting flush and wanted more, as he took off my shirt.

By the time we were naked and he was pushing his cock into me from behind, I had forgotten how all this had even begun!  Then he pulled me backward, into his lap, never coming out of my pussy.  My legs were spread apart as he kept grinding into me, reaching around my waist to finger my clit.  There was a soft cry that came out of me, I didn’t recognize.  Then he brought his other arm around me and between my breasts until he had me by the throat.

At first, I didn’t notice the pressure as he closed my windpipe a bit more each time he pumped the length of himself into me.  My clit was on fire as he drove me toward the edge of bliss, choking me as he did so.  “Did you lose your breath, my dear?” He said in a dark, cruel tone that reminded me how helpless I was at that moment.  And then….Heaven and Hell collided in a cyclone of sensations that left me breathless long after it ebbed.



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