I never knew my boyfriend was so good at sucking dick.

I’ll be honest. Right when my boyfriend and I got together, the sex was great. He always ate out my sweet little pussy and I was always sucking his cock. But, than he started not wanting to have sex or even have any oral fun! I was starting to get pretty pissed. I am a very sexual person so I constantly like getting off throughout the day. Well, I had told my boyfriend I was going grocery shopping when really I was meeting up with an old friend, Billy, who I knew would do anything to be able to fuck the shit out of me.

We met in the parking lot of the grocery store and Billy got in my car. He immediately knew what I wanted. I wanted cock. I wanted it now. He pulled out his cock and started stroking it. My pussy got soaking wet just seeing him stroke his big thick cock. I kneeled between his legs and began sucking his cock. I love the taste of dirty dick and licking the sweat right off his balls. Then I pulled up my dress and got on top of his big thick cock.

I couldn’t resist, I needed cock! Could feel my pussy tighten around his thick cock as it stretched. I started riding Billy so hard you could hear my ass cheeks slap against his legs. Right when I started going even faster, and harder, there was a loud bang on the window, and the door swung open! It was my boyfriend… He pulled me off of him…

“You dirty little whore! You can’t stay away from dick can you!?”

I looked up at him and licked my lips. My pussy was so wet and I needed cock.

My boyfriend looked behind me and saw Billy sitting there trying to button his pants… He crawled into the backseat pulling me with him. He put one of his hands on my Billy’s throat and began sucking his dick! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I looked at Billy as he looked back at me, he smiled and winked. Billy was enjoying it! My boyfriend stopped sucking for a second looked and looked over at me.

“This is what you fucking deserve you dirty little slut. You wanted cock so bad, now you have it. But you aren’t going to touch it, I get it now.”

My pussy was soaking wet. It was literally pulsating and throbbing in pain from wanting to cum so bad. I couldn’t help but just stare and watch my boyfriend sucking Billy’s big thick cock. I deserved it. I’m such a dirty little whore.

I am such a cum slut. I can’t stay away from cocks and cum. Let me be your dirty little whore. You can use me and abuse my little whore pussy. I love cock so much that I have no limits with what I’ll do for you.

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