So, what are we going to do about this?

So, Bob… the question right now is “what are we going to do about this?”  I’m actually not so much angry as I’m intrigued and amused. Yes, this is the first of our blackmail sex stories!

I’m intrigued because I just caught you watching the pastor of our church showering.  And to make it even worse, you were jacking off while you did it. You’re a Deacon in the church, for God’s sake!  What is it about him? I know he’s very handsome, charismatic and he’s got an amazing body but I don’t think that’s it.  

I just now found out when I caught you that in addition to all that, he has a huge cock.  Yes, I think that’s it! That’s what had you staring at him and pumping your decidedly smaller cock so hard.  

You’ve been hiding this craving for cock…

I’m amused because you think you’ve been hiding this craving for cock from me all this time.  I see the sites you visit – you know your browser history is never really gone, right? It’s as if you have a cum fetish! You like to watch videos of men like you sucking and deep throating big, thick cocks.  Cocks like Pastor Smith’s…Blackmail Sex Stories - Glory Hole

I think that it’s time you stopped all this pathetic sneaking around and hiding your love of big cocks. You’re lucky I think that’s hot and I’d really like to watch you suck some cock. I know you’ve probably never actually done that – not my Deacon husband. But you’re going to tonight.  And I’ve found the perfect place.Blackmail Sex Stories - Glory Hole

Do you know what a glory hole is?  Haha…of course you do! Well, I found out that there is one in the back of the adult bookstore in the next town.  You and I are going to go there tonight and you are going to suck whatever cock shows up in the hole. And I’m going to watch!  

I knew you would see things my way!

Oh?  You don’t want to?  You’re afraid someone will know you?  You don’t want people to think you’re gay?  You don’t know if you would do a good job? Those are all great excuses, but I really don’t care.  You’re doing this and you should know that if you don’t, I will have to tell Pastor Smith what I saw. Remember, this is the first of our blackmail sex stories!

Great!  So you’ll go?   I knew you would eventually see things my way! And maybe now I’ll start having my own fun too!


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