I had a couple of old friends over the other night for dinner, they had met each other a few times over the years at my place, but weren’t buddies themselves or anything. We all had a bit much to drink and I was feeling a bit playful and wanted things to go in a bit of a naughty direction and wanted to see how far I could take things. They went further than I thought they would.

My one friend is straight, we’ve actually fucked a few times in the past when neither of us had anyone and we were ok together in bed. My other friend is bisexual, we also had sex a couple of times, but he’s usually with a guy, so I don’t really expect much from him sexually. My straight friend had never done anything with another guy and we had this conversation after dinner about just how willing to swing the other way some people are. Some never would, others would with the right person, etc. He said he’d watched a gay porn before, but had never let a guy touch him. I said I bet my bisexual friend could give him a better blow job than he’d had from a woman, and he said no way. I asked him to let my friend try it on him, while I watched.


Now he was a bit hesitant, but I coaxed him into trying it, he could stop at any time. My bi friend got on his knees on the floor in front of him and unzipped my straight friend’s pants and took out his cock. He started to rub it and it was soon hard, so I thought my friend might not be hating it too much since he was so quickly hard. My bi friend started sucking on his cock and I could tell he was indeed enjoying it. I was honestly getting quite turned on watching it and slipped my hand down my panties and started to play with my clit as I was listening to the sucking noises and watching that hard cock bob in and out of my friend’s mouth.

I think my straight friend was a bit shocked at how much he was enjoying it, but from his breathing and moaning, there was no doubt that he was. I was watching the sucking and licking and deep throating as I fingered my pussy and I was cumming in no time flat. It wasn’t long before my friend was also cumming from that blow job and he looked a bit ashamed of himself after it was over and I asked him if it was indeed a better blow job that most women had given him and he said yes, he had to admit it was.

My bisexual friend asked if he could lick my pussy, and I said of course, I’d love it. I spread my legs and his face was right between my thighs, licking my pussy, smearing his face with my juices which were already quite flowing from cumming a few minutes before as I’d masturbatedBisexual Fun With My Best Buddies. My other friend was stroking his cock as he watched me get eaten out by the guy that just blew him. I think we blew his mind by talking him into this guy on guy blow job, but he was not complaining. It was a fun and interesting evening for all of us, and I hoped we could get other again soon and take things even further than we had tonight, we will just have to see.

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