The Big Game party got a little out of hand!

My boyfriend had a Big Game party so I decided to be the nice girlfriend and be everyone’s hostess. I was a good little waitress, getting them drinks and bringing out more food when the plates got empty. Even my outfit was a hit! My boyfriend bought me a sexy cheerleader outfit that didn’t even cover my ass. The half shirt fit tightly across my big tits and was very low cut. That part got a lot of attention but then again every time I bent over they got a nice glimpse of my ass cheeks.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure about being the hostess at my boyfriend’s Big Game party but I really liked the attention. My boyfriend seemed a little bit jealous once his friends started hitting on me. Maybe he was beginning to change his mind but it was too late now. Between the ass smacks and tit grabs his friends were getting braver the more they drank. The fun really started at the Big Game half time show.

They started talking about how Lady Gaga looked awesome in her outfit but then compared her to the way I looked in my own outfit. Once they had the discussion of my tits and ass out in the open one of them asked how I would measure up to sucking cock. That’s when my boyfriend tried to intervene.

He took my arm and pulled me toward his lap but I missed his leg and fell to my knees in front of him.

The cheering from his friends only encouraged me more. My boyfriend may have been trying to stop me but I wanted to suck his cock now. I pulled his dick out of his pants and started licking and sucking every inch of him. It didn’t take long for my skilled hand and mouth to have him spewing his hot seed into my throat.

When I finally pulled my mouth from my boyfriend’s cock I licked my lips and looked around the room. All of his friends were rubbing their hard cocks through their pants and I figured it was only fair to help them too. I mean what kind of Big Game hostess would I be if I only took care of my boyfriend?

One by one I sucked off each one of my boyfriend’s friends. By the time I was done I had cum dripping from my mouth and my hair was a complete mess. I pulled my Big Game cheerleader outfit back into place, attempted to fix my hair a little and headed to the kitchen to get everyone a new drink.

I’d love to hear all about your Big Game experiences. How did you spend your night? Give me a call and let me know how naughty you got.

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