My bosses confession of bi sexual fun was made while he was in a drunken state. I knew I’d have to take advantage of him sooner or later!

I walked into his office, Ryan right behind me as I locked the door. Ryan is my sexy bi sexual friend that was going to fuck my boss for me. I knew he needed it so we were going to have a great time. “Sit down sir and listen here! You told me how much you love cock, so I’ve brought you a nice sized one to play with today. The office is empty so don’t worry about anyone seeing us.”

I walked around to his desk and had him stand up. He followed me around to the front and stood there like a deer headlights. I told him to remove his pants and stand just in his boxers. As he did that Ryan also did the same. I could see both of their cocks starting to get large. I walked over and rubbed Ryan until he was all the way hard. His cock was obviously much larger than my boss.

I then went to my boss and got onto my knees. I licked and sucked on his cock until he was so hard I thought he may cum. This bi sexual session was going to be more fun than I thought. I looked up and explained that he was going to help me suck on Ryan. We both got onto our knees and licked up and down his shaft. A few drops of pre cum came out the tip. I made sure my boss got to lick those up.

We then stood in front of Ryan and I pulled both their cocks together. I wanted to see the difference in size. “My my boss man! Ryan has a very large cock doesn’t he? He’s bigger than you are by at least 2 inches. Yummy!”

My boss was moaning loudly as I stroked their cocks together. I slowly pushed him onto the couch and had Ryan mount his face in the famous 69 position. Ryan quickly shoved his cock down his throat and then started to suck hard himself. They were both humping and pushing hard! I took my two prostate toys out and lubed them up.

Walking behind my boss I quickly shoved it inside of him. Then I did the same to Ryan. I turned the vibrations on and nearly made them cum right then. Ryan slowed down just enough to make my boss beg for more. That’s when the cum started to pour out. Ryan filled my boss’s mouth and then the same happened to Ryan. They were both sucking and slurping in their naughty bi sexual fuck!

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