So the last time I wrote about my chance encounter with BBC, there was a bit of a cliffhanger. If you need a refresher on the juicy details from Part ONE you can find it here.

BUT if you’re ready to find out how that smokin’ hot night ended, you’re just one click away from knowing how it really went down when my tight pussy went up against the BIGGEST BBC of my life!

My pussy was so wet that my boyfriend could hear the juice slopping out me as the black guy pounded me harder and harder. There was white pussy cream all over the back car seat. Finally, the black guy started  to pump harder and growl loud. We all knew he was about to cum hard. My boyfriend pounded harder on the window, begging the black guy to stop.


The harder my boyfriend pounded on the window, the harder the black guy fucked me!!! As I bit my lip and gripped the guys shoulders all I could think about was how wide my pussy was being stretched. I couldn’t how loose my pussy would be after this BBC climbed from inside of me.

After pumping me so hard that my eyes rolled in the back of head, he exploded inside of my pussy. His cock throbbed for 5 minutes after he ejaculated inside of me. We were sweating and kissing each other. My boyfriend was speechless. He just stood there, outside of the car. The black guy pulled  his heavy cock out of me, opened the door, pulled up his pants, and walked away. I just laid there in the back seat with my legs wide open.  The stranger’s black seed streamed out of my pussy like a river. My boyfriend said nothing. After about 2 minutes of silence and him just staring at the gaping hole that was now my pussy, he dropped to his knees and started licking the thick, hot cum from deep inside of me.

He licked and licked until we both came. After that night, my boyfriend worshiped my pussy. He would always say that he could still smell the BBC in my pussy hole. It turned him on big time! I didn’t think things could get any kinkier between me and my boyfriend…then I caught him sucking and deep throating my dildo in our closet but, I’ll save that story for another time😘

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