I was waiting in the car one night for my boyfriend to come out of the electronics store, and this black guy with the biggest bulge I’d ever seen, came walking over to the car. He was rubbing his BBC from the outside of his jeans as he locked eyes with me.

He tapped on the window and asked if I could help him out. I rolled the window down out of pure concern and asked him was he okay. “Um, No. As you can see, I’m suffering with a serious case of blue balls. By this time his cock was almost as thick as his thigh. He had near tears in his eyes when he said,

“I was just released from prison. I’ve been craving pussy for 5 years now and you’re the first fuckable woman I’ve seen since I’ve been released. Can you please help me out and let me just stick the tip of my dick inside of your pussy?”

I was shocked and appalled but, all of that subsided when he pulled his huge, uncut, black cock out of his pants and flopped it on to my window ledge. I unlocked the back door and pulled off my panties in less than 5 seconds.

“You have to be quick okay? My boyfriend is in the store and he could come out any minute.”

He promised not to take long as he closed and locked the back car door.

His BBC was dripping pre-cum and when he saw my pussy he almost came without even penetrating me. He pushed the head of his cock past my plump, juicy lips and slowly pushed the tip of his cock into my pussy hole. I was dripping wet and my pussy welcomed his big, black mushroom head inside. After a few pumps with the tip of his member, he plunged his entire 9 inches inside of me. We were both moaning and clawing at each other. The feeling was unbelievable!

I begged him to please take his big black cock out of me because I was afraid that he would cum inside of me. It was like he went deaf. He just moaned and grunted as  he stretched my pussy walls open and fucked me with no mercy. I heard my boyfriend tapping on the window and telling me to open the door,

“Jen what the fuck is going on??? Who the fuck is this guy???!!!

He was furious and so helpless. All he could do was listen to my moans and watch this strange black guy fuck me like he could only dream of fucking me.

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