I have to come up with an answer to a REALLY BIG question soon! Everyone knows about Davon, my BBC fuck buddy with the huge ebony cock by now. =) Davon wants something from me. And it’s something… life changing! Davon has a HUGE fixation on impregnation. Simply put, he wants to breed me! He wants to shove that big black cock deep inside my sweet pink pussy and knock up his perfect little blonde-haired blue-eyed white princess!

ME? With a baby? I can’t even keep a plant alive!

However. Recently, I’ve caught myself thinking about it. Rubbing my little baby bump as my stomach grows. My tiny tits swelling with milk to feed our gorgeous little bi-racial baby. Davon really IS a gorgeous man. We would make such beautiful babies together! I guess I could always persuade my Daddy to get me a nanny to help with all that feeding and changing diapers! (We white princesses require a certain amount of rest or we’re… a little cranky!)

I know a lot of someones out there in phone fuck land that would LOVE doing calls with me – jerking off to me – cumming to me fucking my pussy for them while Davon’s black baby moves inside me. (Yes, I’m talking about YOU!) Don’t worry! Even if I decide to fulfill Davon’s impregnation fantasy and let him get me pregnant? I can, and will still have BOTH of you! I have a way of getting everything I want. =) He’d agree to nearly anything just to get me to say yes!

So what do you think? Should I let him breed me?

BBC Lover Zoey


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