Foot job for the big black cock

BBC gets a foot job? First taking my toes and wiggling them against his black cock head. I felt his pre cum drip off onto my toes but I didn’t want to make him cum so soon. I worked my soft feet down his shaft, his cock throbbing in the arch of my feet. Both feet masturbating his big black cock. His cock growing harder and harder each time I stroke all the up and all the way back down with my feet. Have a kinky little feet fetish? Yeah well you haven’t seen kinky until you have seen the way I do things. While Watching his cock grow harder and harder, I feel him twitching. Me stroking his cock with my soft gentle feet, he could see my cute well painted toenails as I wiggled my toes over his cock head.

Teasing his BBC

Want to hear how good his foot job went, keep reading. I drag my feet down to his Big juicy black balls and massage them gently with my feet. Then I hold his black balls between my feet applying just enough pressure to tease his black cock and make it throb and twitch harder. His cock dripped pre cum on my toes again, this time I shoved my toes into his mouth and made him lick the cum right off them. I made him suck my toes one by one. He gives me a little tickle that tongue as he runs it across my toes. Afterwards, He opens wide and licks between my toes and all over my toes.

As he works all the way down to the bottom of my feet, I squirm. I love the feeling of his tongue licking down my arch all the way down to my heel. He kisses up and down my feet. I made him my little foot worship bitch.

I own him now

He’s a little foot licking slave. He has to get on his knees and worship my feet anytime I want it. While kissing and licking his way down my foot I took the other and just ran my toes lightly down his cock. He tenses up as the sensual touch has frozen him in his tracks. I know I have lead him on long enough so I decided to please him I stroked that fat black cock with my feet hard and fast and watch as his cum shot out all over my feet. Now its clean up time but I think you know exactly how I made him clean the cum off my feet. Looking for a kinky little foot job? give me a call and cum to my feet. Explore your Feet fetish!

Foot JobKinky Kelsey