My technician has a serious feet fetish

So he’s a technician with a serious feet fetish and I stumbled upon a way to use this fetish to get free pedicures. You would think doing pedicures for a living would satisfy him enough. He’s always talking about how beautiful my feet are. None of the other technicians can even service me because he always lays claim on my feet. I guess you can say I have my very own personal technician especially after this today. While I was stuck in traffic I made a call to the salon fearing they would close before I could get there, and one of the technicians agreed to wait on me. It was my usual guy! Since we were the only ones there we made small talk and even a little flirty talk. That’s how I learned about his little fetish.

How I’m getting free pedicures

He told me he would do my pedicures for free for something in exchange! I’d be silly to pass up that offer, don’t you think? I got the usual foot soak, creams, and so on. He gives me a foot massage and I melt like butter. You guys know I’m a sucker for a massage anywhere on my body. As my eyes are rolling back into my head he’s rubbing and sniffing my feet. He even placed my feet on his face like he was inhaling and breathing in everything. Something warm touches my toes and when I look he’s sucking my toes one by one. Yes Yes Yes! It was amazing. His tongue wiggling between my toes, I never expected to enjoy that. Kissing and licking he made his way down to my heel.

Fucking my feet

I can’t figure out if I have some crazy feet fetish or if he just had me so turned from pampering me but I pushed him down with my foot. Then I continued to tease him shoving my feet into his mouth. I can see how hard his dick is and so I pull it out and tease it with my feet. Rubbing my toes down his shaft and eventually having him wrap my feet around his cock and fuck them. His big load sprayed onto my feet and then I had him clean them off. Need to satisfy your foot worship phone sex fetish? I’m a sucker for having someone mess with my feet. After all It’s just a little innocent adult chat about our favorite fetishes.