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I ‘m a queen that knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.   You’ll enjoy how naughty my mind can get and how I am always ready to take things to the next level.    No, I’ve never been the submissive little docile black girl that you can use for your race play.  So, if that is your desire you are definitely barking up the wrong fucking tree.  What I am looking for tonight is the man perfect cuckold to share my BBC cuckold fantasy with.

My role in our BBC cuckold fantasy!

Who am I to you?  I am your wife, your queen, your everything!   There is nothing that you won’t do to satisfy me.   You enjoy spoiling me rotten and making sure there is a smile on my face at all times.   Even though you are great at spoiling me financially and making sure I always have my way, you are lacking in some areas.   That is why I wanted to bring my BBC cuckold fantasy to life.

It all started when you left for work that morning, for some reason I was hornier than ever.   I was just about to use my dildo when I heard, a car pulling in the driveway.   I tried to ignore the annoying footsteps that headed towards the front door.   However, I could not ignore the knocking and ringing of the doorbell.   Frustrated I threw the dildo on the bed and yanked my robe off the back of the closet door.    Tying it loosely I went to the door to see who was there.   It was your boss!  Fuck, what was he doing here?  Didn’t he know you had already left for work?

What the fuck did he want?

I opened the door, clenching the openings of my robe, trying not to expose my naked ebony body.   Peeking my head out the front door, I informed him that you had already left for work.  He said he had just gotten off the phone with you and you would be returning home after running a few errands.   He pushing right past me and walked in the living room and sat on the couch.   Confused, I locked the door and turned my attention to the handsome chocolate man that was now sitting on my couch.   He was looking me up and down, from the way he was licking his lips I could tell he wanted a taste.

I asked Mr. tall, dark and handsome to excuse me, I needed to make a phone call and put on some clothes.   Feeling his eyes all over my ass as I walked away made me hot.  I grabbed my cell phone, I called you from the bedroom.   Before I can even tell you that your boss was here, you tell me that you and he would be working at our house today.    Irritated with you for not running it by me, I just hang up and head for the shower.

I was still horny!

I enter the shower and let the warm water roll over my body.  My soapy hands caressed from my breast down to my ebony pussy.  I closed my eyes as I began to finger my wet pussy when I felt another pair of hands caressing me.   Startled I turned around to find my husband’s BBC boss standing naked in the shower with me.  Instead of protesting I reached back and grabbed his big black dick and guided it in my wet pussy.  That pussy of mine was so greedy and she wanted to to be stuffed completely.   He thrust that hard big black dick in and out of my ebony pussy until I was cumming all over his dick.

His big balls banging against my clit, while his cock stretches my little twat.  I never heard your car pull up, or you come into the house and things are just getting started.   Do you have a cuckold fetish?   Want to have your own amateur cuckold sex session with your ebony phone sex queen?  Call Camille 888-340-8794

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