Sometimes amateur cuckold sex cannot be avoided.  It’s sometimes what is needed to continue with a lackluster sexual relationship.   I am sure there are many ladies that have been faced with the realization that they have a good man, but the dick, not so much.   Some ladies won’t admit it but, I won’t sugar coat it.   If I am your lady of interest, I’m going to tell you the truth.  Now,  just because you are penis challenged it doesn’t mean I am going to just throw you away.   I’m going to find your usefulness then present you with your options for being with an ebony queen like me and you will accept.

I met a guy

Exiting the bank on a Wednesday afternoon, I was approached by a guy getting into a sexy black Porsche 911 Carrera.  He called out to me, “Good morning, beautiful!”   I waved, then proceed to my own vehicle.    I’m sure he expected me to be like those common bitches and fall all over him, but I ain’t.  Just as I was about to open my own car door, I noticed the same gentleman from the Porsche approaching me.   I stuck my hand in my handbag, just in case this fool was going to try something stupid.  You know a sista can’t be too careful these days. However, he just handed me a business card and said that he would love to take me out for dinner and a drink.   Feeling a little more comfortable I pull my hand out of my bag and accepted the card.

We exchanged names and I told him I would be in touch.  However, was weeks later when I finally contacted him and we agreed to go out.   Getting to know him was great.  He was fun to hang out with and treated me like a princess.  Showering me with gifts and giving me anything I could think of.   But there was one problem, the dick was trash.   That’s right you heard me, the cock was no good.  Even though fucking him was like being fingered by a midget with short fingers, he had other qualities.  So I decided to keep him and train him into what I wanted and needed him to be for his Ebony Goddess.

Amateur cuckold sex can no longer be avoided!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being his Goddess.   But when you are used to getting you back broke by the BBC.  There is only so far that his wallet could take us sexually.   We both knew it.   He would frequently see dick pics of big black cocks on my phone, from old lovers that missed my sweet ebony pussy.  When he finally builds up the nerve me about them, I took joy in telling him.   I would watch his petite cock get hard, as I told him about each one of them.   We both knew that amateur cuckold sex could no longer be avoided!

It was a Friday night and my ex had been texting me and teasing me with dick pics all week.   He was letting me know he was in town for the weekend and definitely wanted to get together.   Even though I told him all about my new boyfriend and how well he was taking care of me he still wanted to see me.   So I invited him over.   I knew my boyfriend would not mind and if he did, I did not give a fuck.

Home from work early!

When I opened the door for him he looked like a sexy chocolate bar that I would now wait to devour.   Memories of how good he used to fuck me rushed in my head.  Especially since my new boyfriend only sported a big wallet in his pants.  It was only a matter of time before he was stuffing that big black cock inside of me.  I was being fucked so hard I never even heard my boyfriend come through the door.   My boyfriend stood in the doorway of our bedroom turned on watching me receive pleasure his dick could never give me.   My BBC bull fucked my ebony pussy until we both came.   It felt so good when he left his cum in my pussy.  Amateur cuckold sex was now in effect.   I  motioned you over for the delicious creampie pussy that we made for you.

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