I was beginning to share some of my early  BBC cuckold fantasies in my last blog. I told you all about my boyfriend going away to college and how we would keep things spicy through adult phone chat and Skype.  It’s was so hot to watch him (my boyfriend at the time), stroke that big black cock for me on cam and always made my ebony pussy super wet.  If you can remember from the last blog, I had a study partner named Ethan.  Well, this is part 2, and I am ready to give you all the naughty details.

So Ethan was just a regular friend, a study partner that use to drool of me.   Sure, I knew he had a crush on me. Therefore, I always let him know that he was in the friend zone and that the big black cock that my boyfriend gave me was all that was on my mind.  So one night while Ethan was over studying for midterms my boyfriend called.   He told me how fucking hard his dick was, even sending me a dick pic. He said he needed me to make him cum or he would explode.   So being a good girlfriend, I went into the bathroom and gave him exactly what he needed.

How does the BBC cuckold fantasies happen?

I know that is what you are wondering.  Well, while I stroked my ebony pussy and he stroke that BBC of his I could see Ethan peeking in through the cracked bathroom door.  I pretended not to notice him there but BBC cuckold fantasies were dancing in my head like a stripper. After the intense orgasm with my boyfriend online, I finished my call with him then walked back in the room with Ethan.  I was determined to take things to another level. My boyfriend and I had planned for a hot weekend together and I now wanted Ethan to be a part of it.

So the weekend was here and I had been prepping Ethan, by thrilling him with thoughts of watching me get fucked by my boyfriends’ big black cock.  I could tell every time I talked about it he would get hard. At this point, he was almost as excited as I was. So when my boyfriend call saying he was on his way over the sexual tension in the room was through the roof.   

Here comes the BBC!

Ethan was sitting on the edge of the bed when the doorbell rang,  I watched him tense up and get nervous as I left to answer the door.   I ushered him into my bedroom where I left Ethan waiting for his first cuckold sex experience.  I introduced them, my Boyfriend, forever the Alpha shook Ethan’s hand with an extra firm grip.   With naughty intentions, I kissed my man and got him undressed while Ethan watched.   I loved him watching me and trying to hold down his erection.

When I got him down to his boxer briefs, I sat on the bed next to Ethan.   I whispered softly in Ethan’s  ear, “You want to see that big black cock don’t you?”  He whimpered the then whispered back, “Yes.”   I slip my man’s boxers down and deliver the BBC he was waiting on.  “Now, go on a lick it.”  I guided his head to that big black dick.  “That’s right,  get that dick hard for my pussy”.   It was such a turn on to watch Ethan’s mouth on that fat cock.

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Yummy,  Looks so good!

After Ethan sucked and slurped on his first Big Black Cock my boyfriend was throbbing.  I told Ethan to guide that big dick into my awaiting pussy and to get between my legs.  He did exactly as he was told.   It was such a turn on to watch Ethan immediately assume the beta male role.  Grinding my clit on Ethan’s open mouth while being stuffed with that thick black dick had me hot.   I backed that wet pussy up and down on that cock until my pussy flushed Ethan’s face with my wet pussy juice.

That just made my pussy grip my man’s dick tighter and I heard him say, “I am gonna cum!”  I hopped off his dick and guided him to Ethan’s open mouth and let him fuck Ethan’s throat until he came.

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