Adult phone chat sex started for me in my teens.  My boyfriend moved 3 states away during my last year in high school.  He was accepted in one of the most prominent schools in the United States on a full scholarship.  No one was expecting him to turn that down and neither of us wanted to break up. He was my high school sweetheart. We’d been together since I was in 9th grade and him in the 10th.   So we both were committed to making it work.  Besides he was the first boy to ever stir this ebony coffee and I was hooked on that big black dick.   We made a pack to always keep things spicy between to 2 of us and that we did.

The 1st few weeks were seriously hard for us; we were used to fucking all the time.   I was always so horny thinking about how good he fucked, while my parents were right in the next room sleeping.   After chatting with one of my home-girls, I got some pretty naughty ideas. Since she and her man were going through the same thing she started telling about using Skype, and how hot it would be.

So we introduced Skype in our adult phone chat!

Damn, I enjoyed us getting on Skype and making each other cum.  It was so hot watching him jerk that big black dick until it squirted.   This particular night my study partner Ethan was there and my boyfriend convinced me to sneak in the bathroom to do another explosive phone sex call.  I agreed to sneak off with my laptop and have a hot adult phone chat with my long distance lover.  After our cum dripping call my boyfriend notices my study partner Ethan peaking through a crack in the bathroom door.   Embarrassed, Ethan closed the door and waited for me to exit the bathroom, after finishing my call.  We finished our studies and Ethan went home for the night.  After he left, I called my boyfriend back on the phone and we began to make plans for his upcoming visit this weekend.

BBC cuckold fantasies began to invade my head!

I have to admit seeing Ethan staring at me playing with my pussy while I watched my boyfriend jerk his big dick had me all kinds of hot.   So, I could not wait to ask Ethan if he liked what he saw.  When I did, he was so shy about responding but I knew he liked looking at this ebony pussy and my boyfriend’s big black dick.  The look in his eyes and the rise of his cock let me know that BBC cuckold fantasies we on his mind too.  So when my boyfriend came to town, I made sure to have my little study partner Ethan over too.

While my boyfriend was on his way over, I called him on the phone.  I reminded him how we promised to always keep things spicy.  Of course he remembered, I could hear him smiling even though we were on the phone.   I told him, that I had a naughty surprise as he has never had before. Do you want to know all the naughty details of what happened? Stay tuned for part 2.

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