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It all started at the adult book store!

When I met Mr. Tall, dark and handsome.  We chatted for quite a bit before I told him all about you.   I shared with him how much BBC cuckold porn we had been watching and how hard you got.   He wanted to hear all the naughty details.  So I told him.  We chatted in front of the massive collection of BBC porn a little more.  The more I talk to him the more I knew I wanted to fuck him.  So when you called while I was still at the adult book store, I could not wait to show you what I got out shopping.  No, I didn’t give you time to object or talk me out of it.  I just wanted you to know that dinner plans had changed and now there was BBC cuckold sex on the menu. 

You try to reach me several times while I was on my way to the house, but your call was rejected every time.   I loved the thought of you being nervous and wondering what was getting ready to happen.  Nervous and excited I watch you peeking out the window as one car pulled in after the other.   “Oh fuck, she was serious”, you say out loud.

Your BBC Cuckold dreams are about to come true!

You watched with anticipation as the Big black cock bull got out of the car parked behind me.  We both walked hand and hand through the door.  I was all smiles knowing that I was about to make your BBC cuckold dreams come true.  After a little small talk, I was ready for the night to began.   

I sat on the couch next to our new big black cock friend.  I began to undo his pants so that we could have a look at that fat monster cock.  While I stroked it in my hands,  I look over at you and asked, “You really want to watch this big black dick go in my tight wet pussy, don’t you?” Gulping hard you shake your head yes. “Are you going to be a good little BBC cuckold for me?”, I asked you.  Without hesitation, you shook your head yes like a good little boy.  “Good, that’s what I wanted to hear.”  

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