Cuckold Sex was not in the plans, but after a wild and crazy night, it’s what happens. Let me start by saying that my boyfriend and I love to go out and have a good time. So this past weekend was no exception. When things start to get a little wild, neither of us were prepared for the cuckold fantasy that was about to unfold that night. So let me take it from the top so you can see how we end up here.

We got an invite over to his co-worker’s house for game night. I have never met Chris, and no other plans were in motion so we said sure, why not. Besides, it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun from what his Co-worker Chris has said. He promises that there will be games, drinks and plenty of party favors. So after work on Friday, we both drive straight home to change clothes and head to Chris’ house for game night.

I have to admit that I was excited about meeting his co-worker Chris because I had heard so much about him.  We pulled up outside of Chris’ house and it was really nice.  As we walked up to the door I could hear music playing and talking inside.  I  could tell there were plenty of guys inside.  Erick, my boyfriend, rang the doorbell and we waited for the door to open.  When Chris finally opened the door and he was very attractive and polite, introducing me to the other people in the room.   It appears they have already got the party jumping.  I could smell and see the marijuana smoke in the air and people were drinking and having a good time.

Cuckold Sex thoughts are starting to develop about 1 AM

About 1 AM the drinks and the marijuana was taking its effect, even Erick was being a little more open.  I had actually begun flirting with Chris right in front of him and boy was he flirting back.   Quite a few of the guests had left and it was just Chris, Erick, and I.  While I sat there on Erick’s lap I could feel my pussy getting wet.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the cuckold sex I wanted to have. Thinking about all the cream pie phone sex that I had been having lately, I knew that Chris would be the perfect addition to our sex life tonight.

Getting up from Erick’s lap, let him watch me walk over to Chris was such a turn on.   I straddled Chris on the couch and began to kiss and grind on him.  His cock was practically begging to set free from his jeans.  I looked over my shoulder and motioned for Erick to come over and sit with us on the couch and he did.   We all get nude and  I have both my boys sitting on the couch with extremely hard cocks.     I  bend over in front of Erick so he could lick my pussy and asshole, he is the best at that.  He gets my pussy so ready it was pulsating.

Time for cream pie

I climbed on Chris’ thick cock and began to ride him.  Erick knowing exactly what to do, opened my ass and rimmed and tongue fuck my ass hole until I came all over that big dick.  Chris’s cock got harder and thick before he let loose a huge load of cum in my tight pussy.   Chris excited leaned his head back against the couch and accepted his delicious cream pie.

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