BBC Cuckold Solution

Bbc cuckold.  You are so adorable.  In this day and age, it’s naive to think most girls haven’t tried big, black cock.  And you know what they say about going black.  There’s no escaping the fact that a woman who’s had one will always compare you to it afterward.  That’s why you’re single, isn’t it?  Your pint-sized wonder just can’t compete with a big, black cock.   But why compete with it when there’s a better option? Learn to love it, too!

But you’re straight…right?

At least you tried convincing yourself that you strictly love pussy.  But, you know you’re guilty of popping a boner when fixated on that hard, hot, bull doing what it does best to pussy.  You’ve jealously admired how it stretches and works a pussy in a way you never could and you watch the pleasure on the faces of women whom you could never please in the same way.  You try banishing those thoughts but it’s no use.  Your mind says one thing but your cock demands another.

“The black guy down the street and I are just friends, honey.”

Bullshit.  Every word of it.  You damn well know that I’m not going over to his place to just chill.  In fact, things will get quite hot.  But that’s why you’re with me.  I could never be faithful to a tiny cock and you love it.  Every night, you eat my pussy out before I have a chance to shower, and you taste him and the load he left inside me.  Every time you kiss me, you’re kissing the lips that sucked down a stallion’s load earlier that day.  The best part?  I know you love it.  That’s why I keep doing it.  I’m slowly getting you addicted to the thing you want most. That way, you’ll appreciate what I have in store for you tonight.

What?  Tonight?  What am I talking about?  Set up some phone sex with Crystal and you’ll find out!