BBC Cuckold: From the first kiss to my last orgasm he fills all my needs completely

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I would never go back to the vanilla sex I used to have with my pathetic loser of a cuckold husband. You have learned your place in life, my Sissy Cucky Hubby. If we feel like it, we will let you watch us and sit quietly and play with your little tiny cock. We might let you lay on his back with your mouth wide open under my pussy and catch my juices in your mouth as I get fucked by my gorgeous black bull.  If you are lucky you might be permitted to eat my cream pie after my sexy man has blown his huge load into my loaded pretty pink pussy.

You must work hard to provide for the kids I have with my Big Black Bull. You have a good job so we will keep you around to keep us in the lifestyle we have become accustomed to.Cooking and cleaning are part of your daily duties.  Make us cocktails and serve them to us in your cute little apron. Our every wish is your command.

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