Cuckold Sex Stories: you can be our clean up boy and taste my delicious creampie.

Cuckold Sex Stories: You can just sit there and watch. Watch as I take that massive thick perfect Big Black Cock into my mouth and devour it.  You know the kind, that beautiful ebony cock that is almost as thick as it is long. Perfect really, with protruding veins and a sheen to it that makes it glisten just asking to be sucked? It seems like nothing on earth is more flawless and sexy than an exquisite BBC. It deserves to be worshipped and I can’t wait to taste it.

I know you want a taste too, you want to come right up here beside me and have a lick and a suck of a real man’s cock. Take his gorgeous balls in your mouth and suck them, bitch. Cuckold Phone Sex is exactly what you need!

Do you want to watch as my dripping wet hot pussy gets filled up and stretched out?

Tell me, do you want to hear me moan as I get pleasured like you could never do for me? Do you want to lay down under us in the hope of catching a few drops of his sizzling precum or a few drops of my pussy juice?

I want to hear you beg, I want to hear you grovel, you sad tiny dicked loser.  I want you to sit back, stroke your little clit dick and wish you were him, wish that you could please me and make me moan, scream and orgasm as only he can.

 After he blows his huge creamy load deep inside my hot wet cunt, you can be our clean up boy and taste his delicious creampie. Make sure you get every drop.

 That is all you are good for.

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