BBC boss’s cock won’t get out of my head!

BBC boss has me on all fours every day, and it’s so degrading.  While everyone else gets to go down to the cafeteria during their lunch hour, I’m chowing down on his big black cock meat and washing it down with several shots of thick, creamy jizz. That’s not the only issue.  My husband at home may not know exactly what’s going on, but he suspects something now.  I FINALLY started fucking my pussy with that BBC monster this week!
Pretending to feel something
How can I convince my husband that his puny, little dick does anything for me anymore?  He slides inside of me so easily these days.  Last night, I couldn’t even feel him enter me and, the night before, I didn’t have time to wash, so he ended up fucking my bosses creampie!  How embarrassing.  But what could I say? “I’m not super wet for you, baby. That’s just my boss’s multiple loads you’re feeing”? It’s adorable how hard my husband tries.  To be honest, his 4 inches were always such a massive disappointment for me.  Now that I have to take this giant cock every day, I’m practically doing charity work at home!
This is blackmail!
“Suck you sick your you’re fired,” was all he had to say.  I mean, what could I do?  Right now is NOT the time to be unemployed. He’s totally taking advantage of the situation, and I think I know why. It’s because I let slip out that I wasn’t into black guys.  I guess he took it as a challenge.  At first, I was sure I could never be into it.  When he whipped out this massive, pulsating, dripping cock and demanded that I suck it, I thought it’d be impossible.  Now…my mouth waters every time I approach his office.
I think I’m addicted.
I don’t want to be, and I wish I could be happy with 4 inches like all of the other white girls who don’t know any better. But I just can’t!  I could never admit this out loud to my boss since he’s such a scoundrel but, deep down inside, I yearn for that musky cock so I can wash it down my tongue.  My own brain is calling me a nasty ni**er’s cum dump.  I want him.
I want to have his babies.
In fact, I’m not sure I’m not pregnant already!  The first time we did, it was such an unexpected moment.  One second I’m holding my mouth open to receive that glorious load, and the next, he has me bent over my desk while he forces all 11 and a half inches up my snatch.  Did I cut when he did this?  Maybe…yes…it does feel so good having my pussy filled up.  This is what fucking is supposed to feel like.  Not a single square inch of my count went unmarked by that donkey dick.
There was a big meeting this weekend…
It was between my boss, a bunch of other black businessmen…and me.  He made me dress like a skank and crawl under the conference table.  One by one, I had to service each disgusting cock.  One guy informed me that he hadn’t showered in a while, and it showed.  He was uncircumcised, too, so I had to work hard to get all of that nasty cheese out from underneath.
This should have repulsed me.
Instead, I entered into this trance state with my tongue out, welcoming anything they wanted to give me.  Needless to say that not one of them left the room to go to the bathroom.  To add insult to injury, the first thing my husband did when I got home, was kiss me square on the lips!  I swear I didn’t do it on purpose!  I just couldn’t stop him in time.  He even complimented my new ‘lip balm’.  Sooner or later, all of this BBC is going to get me into trouble.
How do I wean myself off of all of this good BBC?  Big black cock is all I can think about lately. It’s like a drug! Call my phone sex line and give me some tips. I’m going crazy, and I’m also late!