Let the Party Begin

The Dirty Sex Stories at the Bad Girl Slumber Party got me really hot! It was Brittany, Frankie and I. We Had Plan a night to for Fun and Movies. Of Course, Brittany brought over a scary movie.  I hate Scary movies! The only way I want to watch them is cuddled up to a nice strong guy! It’s ok I had other plans anyway! Frankie turned on the movie. .Brittany got the popcorn. I Picked up the Phone! Not long after the movie started There’s a knock on the door that scared the Crap out of us all! However, I knew the party just had arrived! It was the guys! You know, the Big Strong Guys we met at the club? Those Boys are just what we needed to spic this night up!


Brittany told her guy to come sit down beside her. You could tell he knew exactly how to listen to her. She loves controlling her big men. Making them do everything to please her. Then Begging for their release.  Brittany had that hunk Laying on his back and straddling his face eating popcorn and watching the movie in no time! She was wasting no time to see what his oral sex game was all about!

Face Sitting


Frankie Took her guy to the kitchen. I saw him lift her up on the table in spread her legs as she said be a good boy for mommy n take care of that kitty. I saw her guy go straight to work with his tongue just like he was told. Frankie had her legs wrapped around his head. Hold his head down on her beautiful clit! You could tell she had already trained this Boy what mature sex was all about!


Now Me I know where my toys were. So I took my date to my bedroom. Where he Brought out the cuffs and my electric wand! What’s an electric wand? Well, that’s a fun toy where anything my partner touches sends electric currents through him to anything he touches. With one touch sends the electricity through my partner to any part of my body.

Sound fun to you? Then Call me at the Phonesex Kingdom and you can be my Slumber party date! Show me how your gonna tease my body to an explosion.

XOXO Brittany XOXO

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