Our family is all about free love. We believe there is no one better to teach the young ones about sex than the adults in their lives. I want to share with you, my lovely readers, many of those family sex stories in the days to come, but today we will start with my handsome grandson Billy. He had just hit teenage years and it was time. His mom and dad went on a cruise and asked if he could stay with me while they were gone. I adore this boy and could not wait for some “us” time! He seemed extremely excited as well.

Tell Me You Don’t Love A Good Family Sex Story

One night he had headed to bed ahead of me. I thought it was strange as we had a great day hanging out by the pool. I expected a night of movies and popcorn, but he said he preferred to go to bed. As I was walking down the hall I heard him moan. I was worried he might be ill. I stopped to listen to make sure he was okay. Then I heard him say, “Oh yes grandma, just like that.” What? Then it hit me, he was masturbating with me as his fantasy. Oh, joy a family sex story is going down!

I knocked, and it got very quiet. I asked if he was okay, and he mumbled yes. I said, “I am coming in Billy.” As I opened the door he quickly tried to cover himself. I told him don’t have to be embarrassed. You know that we help each other out in this family. I was your dad’s first. We are a family fun type of clan. He was quiet and then looked at me with an amazing smile. It was like he was so excited he was glowing. I sat down on the bed and pulled the covers down. He was completely naked, and his dick was so hard. It was so big! Now it was my turn to be excited! Oh yes, more to lead me to GILF phone sex.

I Knew This Boy Was Going To Be So Much Fun

I slid over to him on the bed and started kissing him. He was so gentle. I started to run my hands all over his body. His muscles were so developed. I slid my hand down to his cock and wrapped my fingers around that gorgeous dick. The moan he let out let me know he would not last long. I started stroking it and within minutes he exploded all over the place.

Once he came, we were able to take it a little slower. I taught him the very best way to eat pussy and he did so well! Then I gave him the very best blow job he will ever get. After that, we took the rest of the week to explore the many ways to have great sex. We had sex in the house, in the pool and anywhere we felt like it. He was a pro by the end of the week and did his grandma proud with a memorable family sex story.

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