Road head Fun

Our Trip to Florida with some Brother Sister Sex Story ~Back Seat Road Head~ It was Sunday night. Daddy had driven Robbie an I across three state already. Robbie was getting restless and I was too. It would be a fun time to see what Robbie would let me get away with. I have always loved teasing Robbie. I just loved how easy it was to get his cock hard.

The Show

Lifted up my skirt and started to play with my pussy. Making sure Robbie was watching the whole show. Teasing him as much as I was myself! Rubbing my tight teen pussy. Plunging two fingers inside of me over and over. Watching him see my fingers getting wetter and wetter. The smell of my sweet juices filling the air. Seeing Robbie’s big Cock get harder and harder

Things got Harder

As Robbie got harder I lend over and started to rub his cock. I can’t believe how far Robbie is letting me take this. He’s never Let me take it this far before. I start gliding my hard up and down his cock through his pants till I know he’s rock hard. I start to unbuckle his pants. Pull out his cock Lending over more I lower my sweet tongue onto this big mushroom head. Wrapping my lips around his big thick shaft.

Blow job

The Action Began

I glide down his big rod licking my way down every big vein. Sliding up and down that shaft. Gagging taking him down my throat. Pumping and twisting his cock with every inch. Finally getting that cock I’ve always wanted. I’ve was gonna make sure Robbie enjoyed his little sister’s mouth! Taking his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I could taste his precum working out. I was doing exactly what Robbie needed. Working his cock from that big shaft like a good girl I was. Robbie tasted so good I never wanted to stop.

I could feel his cock throbbing. When I felt his Shaft start twitching I need his creamy load wouldn’t be long. Just as I thought that liquid gold treat started to squirt out. Lapping up every drop and whipping my mouth I saw dad adjusting the rearview mirror back to where it normally goes.

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