My Young sex stories and how I became a slut

Young sex stories are always super hot. So this one will take you back in the day when I was an even younger brat then I am now. After all, how could it not be fun to play with young Corey and all her friends? Picture me, back in the day running the popular clique in my high school. Of course, my girlfriends and I used to sit back and judge the masses of sluts. We were fucking cunts and made it our mission to be the most ruthless bitches in the entire school.

Young sex stories

Young Sex Stories Are Not Always Sweet Like Peaches And Cream

However, it did not take too long for me and the gals grew tired of the same old thing. Sure, it was fun enough writing trashy little comments about every skank in school. Although, it was never thrilling enough. So, we decided to make ourselves a little pact. We would pick out the most nieve of all the whores, and corrupt her by force. We called it the tragedy pact. Going through the book and finding her did not take too long either. She was captain of the mathletes, played tuba in the band, and quietly masturbated in the secondary language hall after the third period. Tramp.

“We can always take…I mean make, our own young sex stories”

The way it all played out was simple. Her parents went to a late Thursday night Bible study every week. The sweet pussy rubbing princess was always in bed before they got home. Therefore, all we would need to do would be sneak into her room after hours but before the parents. Of course, we did that exact thing, simply walking through their innocently unlocked door. A small group of us tiptoed to her room where we scared our small victim with our intrusion. I laughed balling my panties up and stuffing them inside of her mouth. After, I pressed her lips with silvery duct tape, mine kissing hers on the other side. Wildly I yelled out “See Girl, we can always take…I mean make, our own young sex stories!”

Like crazed maniacs, we cackled out looking at the fear in her sweet eyes!

We began tearing at the front of her night clothes. He small breast was cute and perked right up in my mouth. She tried to cry out past the duct tape and panties but could hardly release a sound. One of the gals leaned down to her virginal cunt tasting it sweetness on her lips. We mocked her daily bathroom alone time telling her that her French teacher would never be interested in such a prude. We bragged of how much more she would appear to him as we stuffed her with her own mother’s bedside dildo. I couldn’t help but whimper watching her sweet juices leave her body as she couldn’t help but cum from the excitement. “Well, girls looks like we unintentionally made a new recruit!”

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